Lycian Pathway

The Lycian way extends from Fethiye to Antalya. It is a walking route formed by marking and mapping a part of the path from Teke peninsula which is called Lycia in history. Lycia road which construction works started in 1992 was opened in 1999 by Kate Clow.

Lycian Pathway

Fethiye Trekking

The first stage of the walking on the Lycian Path starts from the rock tombs of Fethiye. After Kaya village and its surroundings, it goes to the village of Ovacik and then to the peak of Babadağ at 1975 m altitude. You will reach Faralya (Uzunyurt) village of Babadağ by following the directional signs that were placed on the paths in 100 m intervals and you will have the first break here.

The Lycian Way is described as a system of transportation consisting of paths which is linking the site states within the borders of ancient Lycia in historical sources. In 1999, this system of pathways has come to the fore again in a project competition called “Four Lights of Tomorrow" which was about environment, education, sports and industrial design, which was held by an organization. The project “First Lycian Pathway to Antalya from Fethiye", which is the first long distance pathway that was planned in Turkey about trekking by Kate Clow, was the winner in competition in the environmental branch. In order to carry out this project, marking works were done on the pathway first.

The rich flora and fauna of the Taurus Mountains and the fascinating view of the pine forests that combines with the sea are filled with ruins of ancient settlements along the way. There are smiling and welcoming people in the villages where are located over the mountains along the hiking pathways. They make you forget your tiredness with interesting cultural values and introduce you beauty of natural village life.

In particular, there should be boots and hiking equipment suitable for the conditions of the mountain pathway in the first stage of the walk. You need enough food and water supplies until reaching to water and food sources.

After Faralya you are walking in the forest road and on an easier ground. You do not have a problem about water and food too. A swimming break in the turquoise colored waters of Kabak Bay makes you forget all of your tiredness.

The ancient cities of Sydma, Pınara, Letoon and Xanthos which you will face along the pathway are a great chance so that the people who are interested in history and archaeologists discover “Mysterious Lycia". After passing the 18 km-long beach and ancient city of Patara, Kalkan and Kas are ideal places for a break.

The next stages of the hiking pathway are sunken city Simena, Kekova, Demre, Finike and Antalya.

The hiking in the Lycian pathway looks like a walk in a time tunnel formed between the depths of history and the present day.