New trend in domestic holiday: Fethiye

New trend in domestic holiday: Fethiye

Sunset in Çalış, entertainment in Hisarönü, holiday possibilities for every budget… Çalış is one of the important holiday resorts where one of the scenes of the world famous movie ‘Skyfall’ was shot. Calis Beach, a 10-minute drive from the Gulf of Fethiye, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. A cool refreshing summer breeze comes from the sea even in the hottest summer days. Calis is also a place for the romantics. The show of sunset with every tone of red light over the gulf should not be missed during the walk along the beach in the evening. The only thing forbidden in Çalış that welcomes a pile of tourists is: To work Resting on the beach where the caretta carettas come and watching the sunset are the experiences everyone should have.


Long lunch time at Fish Market, romance in Paspatur… There is a place where an unusual and sharing trade mentality is in practice in the center of Fethiye: Fish Market. It meets the need for a nice fish eaten outdoors and a nice chat with a close location to Paspatur, the entertainment center of the region. Fish Market, established in 1957, started to serve as a classic market in the beginning. Then, after a renovation in 1999, it started to include fish market as well. And then, Cheese shops

Here is a lively place not only because of tourists. The settled public also like living in Fethiye and they make the town enjoyable for themselves.  Paspatur, for instance. It’s a great place for people looking for night entertainment. It becomes lively in the evening hours and becomes as crowded as the central streets of Istanbul at night. The bars in here meet every desire. From live music to stand-up show, from pop music to rock, all kinds of entertainment and music are available.  Take care non-famous music bands in small bars! The large number of the British people have also made a positive impact on music quality of Fethiye, and you are not bored of the music you listen. Also, thanks to the fact that no one interferes with anyone, everyone is enjoying themselves comfortably. It is possible to see groups of women walking alone in the street late at night, which nobody disturbs.

You may also do shopping at souvenir shops here. A note: Watch out while going around here, you can come across a Hollywood celebrity anytime. Daniel Craig, Russel Crowe, Demi Moore, Ashton Cutcher, Sam Mendes have been seen in the streets here. The streets are so comfortable that they have revealed some other safety problems. Daniel Craig, who came to Fethiye for the filming of one of the Skyfall movie scenes, overcame all the guards, enjoyed traveling for 2 hours freely, but he worried everybody. Because he was thought to kidnapped. Fortunately, nothing to fear. In addition, businessmen Ali Koç, Serdar Bilgili, Coca Cola CEO Muhtar Kent and Russian oligarch Roman Abramovic are the names that you can come across here.

Kayaköy; ….the village is the same since population exchange times and people of this village have not seen doctor until the age of 90. Historical districts of Fethiye were not easily written in history. Important effects in history. The settlement area which established in period of Lycian civilization has sustained its existence until the beginning of the 20th century. However, as a result of agreement between Turkish and Greek governments in 1923, which we remember as the years of population exchange, Greek people living in Kayaköy and Turks living in Western Thrace were decided to be migrated mutually.


Buradan zorunlu göç eden Rumlar, evlerinin anahtarlarını Türk komşularına “Bir gün geri geleceğiz, evlerimiz size emanet” diyerek bırakmış. Komşular, evlerin anahtarlarını kimseye vermeyip, emanetlerine sahip çıksalar da evler maalesef zamana dayanamamış. El değmemiş şekilde duran Kayaköy’ün hikâyesi oldukça hüzünlü değil mi? Bir de yerinde görmelisiniz. Likya Yolu, Fethiye’nin bir diğer tarihi yeri. Yürümesi oldukça meşakkatli ancak görmesi şart. Yol üzerinde göreceğiniz yerler bir kenara, karşılaşacağınız insanların misafirperverlikleri de sizi şaşırtacak. Fethiye’den Antalya’ya uzanan yürüyüş yolu, dünyanın en iyi uzun mesafe yürüyüş rotalarından birisi.

Oludeniz is actually the name of a love story … There is a historical feature everywhere you step in Fethiye. The legend of Ölüdeniz is as follows: In ancient times, the ships passing through Fethiye used to anchor off the shore and used to come to the shore by sandal to get drinking water. One day, the young son of an old captain saw the beauty Belcekiz when he came to shore of bay to get water and he fell in love her. But, the young man and Belcekız could see each other. After that day, Belcekiz waited for the young man, and the young man waited for the ships to pass through that bay. In each passage of ship, a small meeting occurred, one day during the storm the young man warned his father about receiving water from the bay again, but his warnings were rejected because of the storm. When the young man tells that there is a sheltered bay like a pool, his father thought he had endangered the ship and he started having an argument with his son. Just as the ship was crashing to rocks, he threw his son into the sea with a shovel, and went to the rudder. Then, he saw the bay that is like a sheet, but unfortunately everything was over. While his son was dying on the rocks, Belcekiz, who is waiting for her love on the shore, has committed suicide. The place where Belcekiz waited for her love was called Belcekiz and the place where the young boy died was called Ölüdeniz since then. Now, water sports are being carried out in the magnificent beauty of this place.  You can do all kinds of activities like windsurfing, kite surfing, water slide, wake-board.


There is a community whose number exceed number of birds among objects in air: Para-gliders. When you visit Ölüdeniz, you may see a colorful parachute in the sky at any time. These are passionate para-gliders who travel about half an hour in the air, watch the region from a height of about 2000 meters and who fly like a bird in the magnificent Ölüdeniz / Kumburnu mountains. As soon as they land in, they quickly collect their parachutes and go up Babadağ again for a glide in the sky. Because once you have tried, it is difficult to give up. This place is one of the most important places where you can para-glide. The 2000 meter high flying runway is one of Europe’s busiest runways. Therefore, you can find here an addicted para-glider from any part of the world when the sun shows its face. Don’t worry if you didn’t try before. You may do paragliding with our experienced guide pilot. All you need to do is watch around. That is so easy.

Paradise of Earth: Kabak Bay, Butterfly Valley … When you see Butterfly Valley and Kabak Bay, you think those places don’t belong to this world. Paradise like image, you will come across with every tone of green and blue. Rich vegetation and natural life immediately attracts you. The undeformed and unconcreted nature of this place, provide you opportunity to camp in peace that you will not see elsewhere or to stay in facilities that do not harm your natural life. Kabak bay which is located on the historical Lycian Pathway is one of the most beautiful bays of Turkey and the world. In short, it is a Turkey mosaic where you can see people in every status and age, from celebrity to businessman, politician to student.

The Butterfly Valley provides you with an environment thanks to the rocks around it and removes you from this world. You can enjoy sun and sea at daytime and the stars at night by setting up a tent in the valley named after more than 70 butterfly species it hosts. Affordable camping areas also provide you with shower, electricity, toilet, breakfast and dinner.  For those who want to have an extraordinary experience … It is worth trying.

A paradise where there is a yacht for every three persons: Göcek Gocek is one of the most cosmopolitan holiday resorts in Turkey, where 3,600 people live, where 1000 yachts anchor in the marina, where there are 6 international marinas, where life goes on in the two storey houses because there is no license for high buildings and where there is no noise.  This is also the place that Turgut Özal, the 8th President of the Republic, tried to make a competitor to Monaco. The things that were done have been also beneficial. Gocek, a place to live with its low population, its temperature always being above the average of Turkey, its clean air in spite of a mine once used, its vegetable diversity and beautiful cuisine, is prominent in close proximity to Dalaman Airport.  Why is this town called “The town to be lived?”. There are settlers of Istanbul who live here since the airport is just 20 minutes away. They work in Istanbul on weekdays and come here for the weekend on Thursday or Friday. A lot of people from Ankara, Antalya, Istanbul tie their yachts to the marina and come to Göcek at weekends. There are four seasons here, but the winter is not like winter you know. The weather in winter looks like spring of other places. When you come here, do not forget to have a walk on road along waterfront and if you come across with yacht races organized in certain periods, do not neglect to watch.

When you come to Fethiye, do not miss to take a boat excursion. There are a lot of bays and islands to visit and a large number of boats that will provide you opportunities for excursion. You can also organize boat excursions together, rent a boat with your own group and sail into seat. The rest is up to you. But if you are worried about whether crowded boat excursions will be enjoyable, let’s say in the beginning: Do not be afraid! The landscape you will see and the sea you face will be so beautiful that you will not really care who there are around you. When you participate in 12 Island Excursion, you will visit places such as Şövalye, Yassıcalar, Kızılada, Tersane, Gemiler, Göcek, Zeytinli, Domuz, Delikli Adası Island where there are many world famous and magnificent houses and you will swim at the sea. You will be a little tired all day, but it’s worth.

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