Spend A Great Fethiye Vacation in 9 Stages!

Spend A Great Fethiye Vacation in 9 Stages!

Fethiye which keeps unique beauties in its geography, is one of the important holiday destinations of the world as much as of our country. It is a unique tourist destination with its valleys, villages, islands and beaches. The antique settlement areas that reached to present day from thousands of years’ past are the most special parts of this geography… As far as the number of people visited Fethiye in their free times is very high, the number of people who have never visited is considerably very high. There are many rituals to be performed during the holiday in Fethiye, although you have seen this beauty a few times or have never gone. Wishes you have a wonderful holiday where you can carry out all of mentioned below in Fethiye …

Join in a photo tour in Butterfly Valley

Fill your rucksack with food and drinks, wear your hat, take your camera and head to the pathway of the Butterfly Valley. You should definitely see the waterfall of valley, which you will catch a different beauty, as you walk on. Also, if you take a bathing suit with you, it will be a priceless feeling with joy of short break. This particular area has been declared a protected area and it is very good decision.  Otherwise, it would have already turned into overbuilding, and we could have lost another great wonder of nature. We hope that we will enjoy beauties of Butterfly Valley for a long time.

Discover the unique natural beauties with 12 Islands excursion

You should not leave Fethiye without joining 12 islands excursion.  Definitely spend a day for boat trips departing from Fethiye Pier.  Do not start your journey without sun cream. A lot of bays in Fethiye Gulf are visited on 12 island boat excursion. Lunch is included in some boat excursions. Therefore, you should ask which meals and drinks are given and how many times.

Definitely spend a day at Oludeniz

Whichever hotel you stay in Fethiye, do not forget to visit Oludeniz and to sunbathe on the beach and to visit Kıdrak Bay. Do not forget to take your favorite book with you while sunbathing on the sunbeds on the hot beaches of Ölüdeniz Beach.

Experience paragliding on Babadag’s foothills

Paragliding in Fethiye-Ölüdeniz is a routine activity for visitors. Climb up Babadağ’s foothills and experience the excitement of leaving yourself to scenery of Oludeniz. Ölüdeniz is one of Turkey’s most important places for paragliding. If you do not have any experience, you can experience the excitement of paragliding in company with professional trainers. Prices for paragliding are a bit expensive and if you want to take a photo while flying with parachute, the prices are a bit more expensive. But do not ignore to take photographs because of high prices and immortalize the most beautiful minutes of vacation.

Go for a walk in the Lycian pathway, take plenty of photos

A long part of the historical Lycian pathway is located in Fethiye. You can easily move forward with pathway signs written on rocks and direction signs on plates. We say that walking in company with the most beautiful scenery of Ölüdeniz and taking a lot of pictures along Lycian Pathway is the most indispensable event of holiday. You will also encounter with Telmessos, Pınara, Patara and Xanthos antique settlements along the way. You can extend your tour time to Kas or join a tour of Lycia to explore the historic road from starting point to finish point

Participate in rafting excitement at Dalaman river

Daily rafting tours are organized to Dalaman River in Fethiye. Dalaman River which is Turkey’s most important rafting area has a 26 km rafting track. If you are planning a holiday in Fethiye with a crowded group of friends, you can spend hours with full of adrenaline by participating in rafting tours.

Search for old life traces in ancient cities

There are ancient settlements that you should not leave without seeing in Fethiye, which is as rich as its history. You should only take a day off to ancient Fethiye settlements and set off to discover the historical traces hidden in this unique geography. Your first stop can be Telmessos Ancient City. Telmessos is an old settlement area that stands out with rock tombs. You will not understand how the time passed among the remains of Tlos Ancient City in Saklıkent, Xanthos Antique City near Kınık Village on Fethiye-Kas Road, Pınara Antique City in Minare Village and Patara Ancient City between Fethiye and Kalkan. If you do not have enough time to visit all of them, visit 3 of them definitely.

Go on a small shopping tour at Paspatur Bazaar (market)

Although there are many different alternatives for shopping in Fethiye, definitely visit Paspatur Bazaar, which is one of the historical structures of the region. You will need a long shopping time to buy bags, vases, hand-made chandelier, shawls and clothing from the shops in the downtown. Do not neglect to buy small gifts for your loved ones while returning from holiday.

 Have fun in Hisarönü and its surrounding bars until the first light of day

Fethiye turns its silence and peace during the daytime to entertaining times with its lively bars at night. The heart of night life in Fethiye is in Hisarönü bars street. By having fun in the bars in district until the first lights of day, you can turn Fethiye holiday into perfect holiday.


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